One Year (Week #4)


The grotesque hilarity of all that surrounds me,

That will never leave my eyes

Even if was ever to go blind,

As the ole dear maxim goes:

“The end of the world happened yesterday! !!”

Always with a cute picture of angels & demons

Kissing, hugging, fucking, making love

Under the burning blazing sun

Going down into the beauty of darkness,

The moon so gallantly rising like

A dazzling emerald jewel waking up out of long

Dizzying sleep.

I just have sat back and laughed out loud

Whilst I laughed my ass off,

With everything that I have been witnessed to-

The sights I have seen have raped my

Eyes, mind, heart and soul.

Though still it like living

In some live cartoon,

Some television sitcom,

But ever more everyday like

The movie with the prophet

Bill Murray   “Groundhogs Day”.

There are buildings on fire,

People jumping out of windows

Just landing and piling into each other-

Those that do survive,

Just roll down the decaying carcasses

Jump down again and again and again,

Such suicidal failures

If I ever saw some.

-It has been 5 years since all the women


They took the children under 13

Left the men to deal with themselves.

It has been coming for a long time,

I saw it when I was a kid,

When I was a teen,

When I hit 20,

In my 30s

In my 40s, 50s & 60s

Now at 69 all I do is laugh

Watching these incomplete women

Be inferior as they are-

I can’t help but laugh at all I see,

It has only been 4 weeks since I have come back

To civilization,

I was hoping in my departure to the mountains

That things and stuff would change,

But down by that place over by the shed

It is still all the same-

It is just worse now that all the woman have left,

They took all the children under 13

Left the men with themselves.

It is a hysterical funny horrid site.

As I said there are people jumping out of windows

With flames coming out of them,

There are people without reason just fighting

In the streets

Next to guys hugging and kissing

Next to guys crying

Next to guys masturbating,

Next to guys exposing themselves to random strangers,

Next to guys endlessly screaming

Which by the end

Becomes its own symphony,

There are people just going into houses and taking what they want

Then you see their bodies

Out in front of the house

All scared, scratched, bleeding-

Like that ole beautiful maxim goes:

“Kill yrself, ‘cause no one else will.”

From moon to sun to moon to sun

It never ends,

There is no end

There is no end

There is no end

There is no end

no there is end

End there is no,

Is there no end?

No, there is end! !!

There is no end

There IS NO END! !!

I laugh at this circus that claws out my eyes,

It brings sadness to my soul,

Or it could be the hormones

That I have been on for decades.

Estrogen and progesterone are beautifully powerful,

Altered me to the very edges of my core-

I know I’ll never be a woman

I just lay somewhere in between,

Heighten in my awareness of self,

The world around me-

Have come close to witnessing the edges

Of eternity,

Still I contemplate eternity like I did

When I was 9 years old

As Nana called me to dinner

Again & again

But those days and nights

Are long gone,

Just memories that have fallen

Through the gaps in my hands like

Sand turning to glass

Leaving my palms

Torn & Bloody as all memories do

To us,

Day after night, night after day.

Still this circus is a hilarious nightmare

As Bob comes over to me

Trying to sell life insurance,

Or Steve on the phone screaming endlessly

“There is always profit in crisis, and we are knee

Deep in a crisis—sell buy sell buy”

Or Billy raping some drunk guy that he forced in a dress

That he put ruffies in his drink,

So he could get off,

Or Dr. Bob just randomly picking up

Men off the streets,

Forcing them into women

So he could make a profit from

Selling them for sex or to dance at his bars,

But they are gone and disappeared the next day,

Either just running away

Or killing themselves ‘cause they couldn’t handle

Being a woman for a day,

Let alone an hour.

Then there’s preacher Steve he’s out there

Screaming “Armageddon is here, repent all ye sinners! !!”

I always go up to him and try

To kiss him,

He tries to punch me,

Then I try to kiss him again.

This horrid site is everyday-

I can understand why the women went away,

They had to get away so humanity could progress.

Men are nothing but incomplete women,

Therefore all men are inferior to women.

It is just sad that nothing will push men to change,

This is the problem with the sdrawkcab disease

Of the patriarchal system,

It is saddening that this decaying monstrosity

Has his claws so deep into all the men,

I tried to expose and whale about it

On YouTube Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

But no one ever listens to genius when it’s daringly

Open right in front of them.

I saw all this coming when

Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama, Trump

Were hacks in the White House-? !!

At least the Greens and Socialist got into Office,

But I went into the mountains at that point

To go live deliberately

Got sick of the hollowness

Of desperate screaming silently,

I just had

I just had

I just had I say

I just had I say

I just had I say

I just had I say to get away out deep away and find myself

That was always right there in front of me

Kissing me deep on the mouth

Like wind brushing by on a beautiful spring day,

I just had to

I just had to

I just had to get away break free and fist fuck life,

So off to the woods I went to live.

I came back out to this.

Everything the eyes could see

On fire,

Men exposing themselves to each other,

Men endlessly screaming, fighting, punching,

Laughing, running in circles, running into walls,

Throwing themselves out of windows,

All because all the women have left

Taken the kids under 13,

Leaving the boy men to the horrors

Of themselves,

I watch it all like it is a

Television sitcom show

Something will get solved in

30 minutes or less,

Then it happens all over again.

I did have a run in with a guy named Oscar

When I went to go workout at the Y,

He gets mad that I have taken the

Locker next to his,

It was the only locker I could find

That was had nothing in it,

Also the only one I could find

The code to,

I just wanted to leave

My stuff in locked locker

When I went to go work out,

I wanted to get fit

So I could enjoy all this glorious

Typical male destruction,

But he just rattle off next me his insanity,

I just laugh at him,

Tell him to fuck off,

I knew I wouldn’t be in this area that much longer,

I just bite my tongue all I could

And get on with what I needed to do,

But he just look at me as though

I was a fool,

I’m glad I have reached that pseudo point in my transition

That I looked like an old crone

Attractive to no one,

But there is still some glow about me,

Any guy who attempted to come close

I just cut off their testicles and cock,

Rip out their prostrate,

Give them a BLOODY EAGLE.

People who had come to know had either

Come to me Joei Kyaonzenzqui or,


There is some guys I could talk

They shared their collective sadness with me,

I could understand,

It is sad that all the women had to go away

Taking the children under 13

Leaving all boy men with their incomplete selves,

But most I just couldn’t take

So I just laughed endlessly as they just took their lives,

Always ending up being some SUICIDAL REJECT


It is best to kill yrself ‘cause no one else will,

The end of the world happened yesterday,

So just laugh

This dream will soon be over,

The grand ole dog will wake up,

All of this will be over,

Thank the universe…

There is no end

There is no end

There is no end

Is there no end?

End there is no,

Is there no end?

Is there no end?

Is there no end?

No, there is end,

Shhhhhh  The Shuii

Are always watching,




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