Open yer eyes to everything before you

   I keep seeing in posts and articles that people shouldn’t show up to protest the fascists or the the likes and ilk of Ann Coulter,  Richard Spencer, Ben Shapiro, Milo Yipyapilous. That raising our voices only gives them power. No one said anything about King Leopold of Belgium ( )     There’s this knee jerk reaction to compare everyone to Hitler,  we have to see that there are people worse than Hitler. Especially in the West. We have this way of white washing Herstory/ Itstory/ history that the past till Hitler becomes like Crystal. It’s as a crazy and sdrawkcab as manifest destiny.
   There’s a quote by John Lennon that in basics says if you retaliate with violence the establishment gots you where they want you, cause they know how to handle you. Being docile and shrugging our shoulders has gotten us to our current state of decay. It is this sad state of reliance on the nefarious purpose of any form of government/ religion/  banking institution that has put us where we are at.
  With rising up and taking our lives back as individuals there would be no violence in that, in the end it would be the greatest gift we could ever give to our great great great grandchildren.  We first have to see that we chained against our will. Then we do have to look beyond beyond the flickering lights on the cave walls. We have to stop buying into material goods. We have to clean up after ourselves and not let other outside institutions do it for us. We have to take responsibility for our existence,  and that means stopping and helping those in need. It’s gonna take 20 years to shed the chains of slavery to a decaying patriarchal system that needs to be  individually and collectively confronted and castrated and confronted and squashed and dismantled and destroyed.
  The likes of Ann Coulter and Richard Spencer & Milo Yipyapilous & Ben Shapiro & Glenn Beck etc. should be ignored there’s so many other voices to read Emma Goldman, Rozz Williams ,bell hooks ,Andrea Dworkin, GG Allin Malcolm X, Mumia Abu Jamal,dj Kingsbury  & Valerie Solanas. Though in the end nothing wrong with confronting the ilk of  Donald Trump, Putin, politicians, bankers, religions, alt right,fascists, Nazis etc.
   Violence is an energy.  There’s a need for more art,poetry, film,bands,ideas. The Venus Project is a great starting point.  In finding a way to live off the grid, recycle the trash you make so no one profits of you, use natural energy like Tesla prophesied,  use every part of the animal, give back to nature, be self sufficient without the parasitic sdrawkcab nefarious fascist snowflake government using you, helping others, living another with everything you’ve got and being lived in return this could cut the chains of slavery and dismantle patriarchal systems, inscentous abrahamic “religions”, close parasitic sdrawkcab banking institutions,  squash useless governments, give no need for useless and pointless politicians,  breakdown the military industrial complex, quiet the nationalist  fascists nazi snowflakes.
  If attacked we should fight back. Just like if one is taped cut that cock off and throw it in the fires. We need to rise like the Phoenix from the current ashes & dark ages we are in. So many things still left to decipher hanging all around us. New letters,new colours, new sounds,new love,  new technologies etc all right in front of us whether female/it/in between/ male. There’s no limit in this finite dream of an existence.  There’s no time to be bored by the youth and dulled by the old, embrace the beauty of the now this is our life to lead as we see fit. As the ole establishment decays and crumbles we can build a new, learn by thier mistakes and make a better enlightened world for all.
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